Friday, June 26, 2009

I Phone 3G S: What's new?

I Phone 3G S
The iPhone 3G S sports a faster processor than its predecessor and that its operating system has access to more RAM. There could be changes to the display circuitry, too, which would account for Apple's claims that the iPhone 3G S offers a better gaming experience. According to T-Mobile in the Netherlands, which appears to have accidentally posted the specs for the iPhone 3G S, the latest version of the phone includes 256MB RAM, up from 128MB on the iPhone 3G, and a 600MHz processor. That would be an improvement from the 412MHz version found in the iPhone 3G.Just looking at the surface, not all that much. In fact, we're wiling to bet that if we set an iPhone 3G S next to an iPhone 3G, you'd be hard-pressed to tell which is which--at least until you flipped the phones over. Then, you might notice that the "fine-print" writing on the back of the phone--you know, the part that lists the phone's capacity and tells you that it's designed in California and assembled in China--is now color-matched to the silver Apple logo. The screen is covered with a new oil-resistant, or oleophobic, coating, making it easier to wipe off fingerprints. We watched an Apple executive take an iPhone 3G S and wipe it off with his shirt sleeve, something that wasn't too effective in removing smudges with earlier models. Then again, physical changes usually aren't the focus of these iPhone updates. Apple puts its effort into upgrading the software features offered in new phones. The iPhone 3G S features a compass app that knows which direction you're facing.) The iPhone 3G S has a few features that you won't find in previous models. Just as the iPhone 3G added the ability to figure out your location via GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites, the iPhone 3G S lets you know which direction you're pointing in via a built-in compass. In addition, you can ask your iPhone 3G S to play music--specific songs or playlists.