Sunday, November 23, 2008


What’s that all about?
“Fire in the hole!!!” Hmm, sounds familiar. Yes lads, you guess it right. This is a familiar sound you hear when you get close to people playing computer games nowadays. This shout comes from one of the best-selling games, Counterstrike. It is a first-person shooter where you get to play either a terrorist or an anti-terrorist. Counterstrike is just one of the few games being patronized by gamers today, other titles include: Starcraft, Warcraft or DOTA, on-line games such as Tantra, MU, just to name a few. Popular games have also found their way to Hollywood. Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and Max Payne are recently these movie releases on game titles.

Game Addiction
Why are so many people specially children so addicted to playing computer games? Simple, computer games take you to a different world of entertainment. You get to choose who you want to be, set of objectives you want to achieve, and most of all you’re in COMMAND! It’s the feeling of being control of the situation. Add to that, it doesn’t hurt you or being killed when you loose. You can start all over again and again.

Gaming is a Big Business
Do computer games have staying power? Well, that’s like asking if the sun will rise tomorrow. Over the last decade, the gaming world has tremendously grown into a large industry and going very strong indeed, that major companies are starting to jump-in and invest. Companies like Sony, Nintendo, EA, and Microsoft are just few of major players in this field. Today, head-on competition with players is taking place in the game console development. The strength of the industry can be attributed to the broad penetration of Sony Playstation, Nintendo 64, Game Cube, and Xbox are the primary consoles in the market today. The game world is unquestionably worth the business venture.

Career in Gaming Industry
Gaming is a fast-paced industry with so many developments happening at the same time. PC has been upgrading massively when in terms of overclocking it, so that gamers well enjoy playing the games well. Game developers play a significant role on how this industry is today and how it will be in the future. If you want to build your own games why not get into the business of game development. With the growing demand of manpower needs in this industry, people interested to become game developers. Game development is just part of Computer Technology. With good imagination and programming background is all it takes to start-off a career in game development. If you have a good imagination, then you are in for a good start. The second part is easy, LEARN PROGRAMMING. :)