Thursday, November 27, 2008

Computer Technician in Capiz

Certified Computer Technician in CapizTechLabCapiz is a Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Associate in Information Technology at STI College Roxas. TechLabCapiz has become a Certified Computer Technician during his college days. He is one of the founding members of an elite group of technicians in Capiz the AMA Spartans because of his educational achievements in his chosen fields. He was hired as Computer Instructor in STI College Roxas, he teach Computer Fundamentals, basic MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint presentation, HTML, and basic programming language like C, C++, and Turbo Pascal. After he gradated his Bachelor in Computer Science course, he was hired at Dean Alberto A. Villarruz College as Computer Instructor, he teach Basic Computer Fundamentals and Programming, assisting students in debugging Turbo C, C++, Pascal, Visual Basic, and HTML web design programs as well as guiding them in the development of assigned program project, assisting the Laboratory Facilitator in maintenance and repair of software and computer in computer laboratory, he also help and assist on cable fabrication for the implementation of Local Area Network structure cabling in School Laboratory, and finally, he help develop the proposed system for Capiz Marine Aquatic Resources Information System (CMARIS) for Capiz Provincial Agriculturist. In 2007, he was hired as Grade School Computer Teacher at Saint Mary’s Academy of Capiz (SMAC). He taught Basic Computer Fundamentals from Grade 3-6, assigned as Computer Technician and Laboratory Facilitator in the Computer Laboratory in Grade School Department. He is also recognized as one of the faculty members who got a highest rating by Philippine Association of Accredited School Colleges and University (PAASCU) team during PAASCU Preliminary Visit last August 30-31 2008. To develop his teaching skills, he attended several In-Service trainings and seminar regarding Lesson Planning to improve teaching strategies. Recently he is a graduate of Computer System and Network Technology at AMA Computer Learning Center. When he was studying at ACLC, he was trained by a Certified Computer Technician in PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting, installing software applications, expose in different appropriate electronics and electrical tools, instruments and equipment used to perform digital circuit analysis and design. Implement electronics and communication systems, examine computer system design and architecture, and install cables for data networks, implementing local area networks, configure wide area networks, perform network architecture analysis and implement structured cabling system. He also attends seminars and enrolled in different training centers to further enhance and develop his knowledge and skills in his chosen fields.