Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tips on how to Pass Computer Hardware Servicing NC-II

The Computer Hardware Servicing NC II Qualification consists of competencies that must possess to enable to diagnose and troubleshoot problems in personal computer systems, software, replace parts and get the system back to normal operation. National Certification (NC) is a TESDA program for middle level skills development. NC Level assessment is a process of determining the qualification level and certification level of a person based on competency assessment. It measures the person’s possession and application of knowledge, skills and attitudes to perform work activities to the standard expected in the workplace. Competencies within a specific level of qualification are small units of work that can merit a person/worker a job after completion. Therefore, completion of a certain competency would assure the industry that a person/worker can perform a specific task/work. Anyone who is aspiring have the qualification of Computer Hardware Servicing NC II must acquire Certificate of Competency (COC) in all individual core units of the qualification. The assessment is composed of two parts, the first part is the Observation/Demo which runs for four hours and the second part is the one-on-one interview (Oral/Interview) with the assessor.
To be able to pass the said examination here are some few tips to consider.

Tip 1: During the exam you will state at least 6 Occupational Health Safety (OHS).
Tip 2: The examiners know how to disassemble and assemble the PC.
Tip 3: You must familiar in installing win98 and win2000 in dual boot system.
Tip 4: You must also familiar in creating Straight through and Crossover cable.
Tip 5: You must familiar yourself in Networking (network the computers, share the printer and print, and make a back-up).
Tip 6: My last tips, during in the interview just relax and listen to the questions of the assessor. If you don’t understand it will ask the assessor nicely to repeat the question again. The questions was very easy once you’ve passed the first part of the exam I’m sure you will answer it quite well. Some of the questions are based on the first part so I’m sure you’ll pass the last part of it. Good Luck to all Computer Hardware Servicing NC-II examiners!