Friday, June 12, 2009

How to add memory to a Laptop Computer

This article walks you through adding memory to your laptop computer. Adding memory to your laptop is a very simple process and it takes about 10-15 minutes. See also How to choose the right memory for your system.

First steps:
Discharge your self to avoid any electro static charges in your body. Locate the memory cover located on the bottom of the laptop. The first thing we need to do is turn off your laptop. Once it is completely off you will need to locate the cover for the memory compartment on the bottom of your laptop. The memory cover will be a square area with one or more screws to attach a cover to the bottom of your laptop. There are usually several compartments located on the bottom of laptop computers, some labeled and some not. Generally the cover for memory is square and 3 or 4 inches long/wide.

Second steps:
Once you have located the cover of the laptop memory you will need to remove it by using a small Phillips screwdriver. After the screws are removed the cover generally pops off or swings upward depending on the model of laptop. Once you have removed the cover you will see one or more memory chips. Laptops generally have two slots for memory chips.

Third steps:
Memory retaining lever now that we have located the laptop memory and removed the cover it is time to add the memory. If both memory slots are full you may need to remove one or both memory chips to put in your new memory depending on how much memory you purchased and the size. To remove the memory from the computer you will need to locate the release levers generally located on each side of memory. You will need to gently pull the lever away from the side of the memory to release it. Once the levers are release you will be able to gently pull the memory out of the socket.

Fourth Steps:
Now that we have removed the memory we can now add the new memory to your laptop computer. To do this you will want to slide the new memory into the socket where the old memory was removed or the socket that was empty. You will need to be careful during this process as the memory only fits one way. Never force the memory into the slot. Once you have the memory in the socket you will need to gently press down toward the bottom of the laptop in order to secure the holding levers around the sides of the new memory. Now attach the memory compartment cover and start your computer.