Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Official Website of Roxas City

The Official Website of Roxas City Yesterday, when I was surfing the net to make some research about Roxas City and publish an article for my blog Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 entry. I was kinda surprise by the stunning new appearance and green theme of the Official website of Roxas City. Wow! The city government is starting to think green. The Roxas City government has already put an effort to make the website updated and appear to be more competitive in terms of design compared to other cities in the country. I congratulate all the people behind this program and make some effort to improve the image of Roxas City by having a website that we can visit and read for updates about the happenings around the Roxas City. The Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 is proud to that we have a new website that we can be proud of to other major cities. This is a kind of website that we Capiznon will be proud of. This website will help promote Roxas City and Capiz as well to other provinces in the country and to the world as well. I hope this website is more secure in terms of hacking, because the Official website of the Province of Capiz was hack by a Turkish hacker several months ago that causes the website inaccessible. Right now, the Official website of the Province of Capiz is back from the dead. The provincial government exerts more effort to make the website more secure. The Official website of Roxas City contains the vision and mission of the city, brief history, about the people, economy, infrastructure, and most of all the tourism in Capiz in general. This is a kind of website that the people of Roxas City will be proud of. The Capiznon around the world will love to see the new website to see what’s new, and what’s latest happening in Roxas City and around the province. SULONG ROXAS!